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Acer Chromebook C910-54M1 Review: Big, Quick, and Pricey: Page 3 of 4

With a 15.6-inch screen and Core i5 processor, Acer’s “Chromebook 15” looks like a business-class laptop, with a comparable price tag too. By James E. Gaskin

Like videoconferencing? The 720p camera provides sharp, clear images. The single microphone doesn’t get overwhelmed with sound from the large stereo speakers so you can use this without earbuds. And the larger screen really helps when in a group videoconference situation.

The Acer Chromebook C910 moves the Chromebook game forward into the most popular laptop territory with its 15.6-inch screen. No one can look at this Chromebook and consider it a subpar and limited laptop based on speed and screen. That statement takes into account that this is not a Windows machine but a Chromebook that relies on Wi-Fi connections to reach primarily Google apps. It does that job quite well.

But bigger and quicker means pricier, and the unit we tested was the top of the line with the fastest processor and largest SSD storage option: $499.99. While $500 may be a pretty good price for a midlevel professional laptop, it remains to be seen if the market for Chromebooks will accept this leap up the price ladder.

If you’re not ready to jump that $500 barrier, and you can live with a slower processor and 16GB of SSD, you can get the big screen and other improvements for only $299.99 retail. That represents a small jump in price over earlier 13-inch Chromebooks, but you get a big jump in screen size.

Those in the Chromebook market or curious about cloud-focused computing owe it to themselves to get at least one of these new Chromebooks for a pilot project. Once you get your hands on one of the C910 models, you may find it hard to let go. We did.

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