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Top 3 Lead Generation Programs To Engage Your SMB Customers in 2021

[February 17 | 2:00pm ET,11:00am PT]

In today's new virtual and remote working environments, there are new opportunities to engage your existing and new business customers. Multiple segments of the IT channel are currently growing at double-digit growth. In this interactive session, we will review the current market conditions and business segments that will be growing over the next 12 months.

In addition, you will learn about various demand generation resources that are available from Dell Expert Network & Intel to help you better engage with your business customers to aid in your virtual events, social selling, and virtual information sessions. If you are a business owner or sales professional that wants to raise the engagement with your customers over the next 12 months, this session is for you.

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Why, and How, to Build Profitability with Microsoft Dynamics 365

[February 18 | 2:00pm ET,11:00am PT]

Join industry experts Len DiCostanzo, Principal Consultant at MSP Toolkit, and Scott May, Director of Channel Development at Stratos Cloud Alliance, for this insightful webinar on how you can quickly expand your offering portfolio to include Microsoft Dynamics 365 and increase your profitability.

During this webinar, Len and Scott will share insights, including:

  • The market opportunity for business application solutions
  • Best practices on quickly building a Microsoft Dynamics 365 practice
  • How to identify Dynamics 365 opportunities in your customer base
  • Engaging with your customers to develop the opportunity
  • Keys to winning the business and executing a successful implementation

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How HTTPS is Making Us Less Secure

[February 25 | 2:00pm ET,11:00am PT]

HTTPS encryption promises a variety of security benefits, but it’s also opened up new vulnerabilities. This presentation will examine two examples of how HTTPS could actually put end users at greater risk, and what Webroot is doing to help close the gaps for secure online surfing and balancing privacy and security in a world of DNS over HTTPS.

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Getting Clients & Prospects to Care About Cybersecurity: A sales and marketing perspective

[March 10 | 2:00pm ET,11:00am PT]

By now, channel resellers and MSPs know the growth opportunity a cybersecurity practice presents, in terms of incremental revenue and net-new business. But not all channel resellers have the same comfort level with exactly how much security to take on, or how to effectively pitch cybersecurity and finally, how to optimize sales and marketing efforts through automation and other tools and techniques.

Join our hosts Jason Norton and Kevin Clune as they break down:

  • Creating analogies to frame your security sales pitch
  • Leveraging data to provide factual evidence and prove value
  • Instilling confidence and trust rather than fear
  • Avoiding repeated use of pessimistic messaging
  • Partnering with the right vendors for sales growth and operational efficiency

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Put on Your Lifejacket First: How Securing Your Own Assets First Fosters Trust and Builds Your Brand

[March 23 | 12:00pm ET, 9:00am PT]

Your clients expect you to be the security experts. After all, you’re the one they’ll call if something goes wrong. Instilling confidence in your clients isn’t just about selling them a nice security suite – although that certainly helps. You also need to walk the talk. Confidence comes from knowing that your own internal security practices are top of the line.

In this webinar, IT Glue's Sales Engineer, Travis Brittain and Product Manager, Hanson Do will share security strategies and features that must serve as "your own life jacket", so that your clients can have supreme confidence in your security mastery. You’ll learn:

  • Why proactive security strategy matters
  • How to use your security strategy to inspire confidence from your clients
  • Security = access + authentication
  • Access = User permissions, Audit logs, Encryption. SOC 2 (Type 2)
  • Authentication = SSO, MFA
  • Explain what each of the 6 components control and where they fit into a proverbial security "pie"
  • How your IT documentation can make your MSP’s confidence unbreakable

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Is Your Business Cyber Resilient?

[March 25 | 2:00pm ET,11:00am PT]

Despite efforts by organizations to layer up their cyber defenses, attackers are innovating and automating in new and unpredictable ways, forcing business leaders to shift focus from prevention to response and recovery. In order to keep your business and your customers safe, it’s essential to understand how to build cyber resiliency and put practices and policies in place that not only help to prevent attacks, but also enable you to quickly recover when they happen.

On this webinar, Tyler Moffitt, Webroot Security Analyst, discusses how MSPs and SMBs can build and maintain a strong cyber resilience posture to protect against an evolving threat landscape.

Key takeaways:

  • Discover how to effectively prevent, detect and react to any cyber event.
  • Achieve complete end-to-end protection against cyber threats and quickly recover after an attack
  • Learn how to protect your customers and grow your business through integrated compliance
  • Build and maintain cyber resilience with an integrated compliance approach
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