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Startup to Add Mac and Linux Support to RMM/PSA Suite

Integrations with third-party security and BDR solutions, as well as “intelligent alerting” functionality, are also coming soon from the cloud-native vendor, which was founded by SaaS veterans early last year. By Rich Freeman

Managed services software newcomer plans to add support for Macs and Linux devices to the RMM portion of its line-of-business suite for MSPs soon. 

Integration with bookkeeping software from Xero is in the works as well, according to Sanjeev NC,’s product manager, in a conversation with ChannelPro at last week’s SMB Forum event in Boston. That will join existing links to remote access software from TeamViewer, Splashtop, and ConnectWise, as well as accounting software from QuickBooks.

“Intelligent alerting” functionality designed to help technicians separate important from unimportant issues will arrive later, along with enhanced reporting on assets and contracts. The company plans to base development plans beyond that on input and feature requests from users.

“We don’t believe in having a long-term rigid roadmap,” NC says. “We want the market to tell us what’s most important.”

The company also prioritizes near-term MSP feature requests. “If it’s a bug fix or something, you could see it in production almost the next day,” NC says. “We’re pretty nimble.”

The company can afford to be nimble because it’s so new. Founded in India by veterans of Freshworks and Zoho’s ManageEngine RMM unit early in 2020, shipped the first edition of its platform roughly a year ago. “We literally built the product during the pandemic,” NC says. As a result, he continues, the software features a cutting-edge, cloud-first architecture and sleek user interface, along with a full set of latest-generation security features.

“Just by being new, we have so many advantages, because we are built on the most modern tech possible,” NC says.

The platform currently includes RMM, PSA, and documentation components. The company’s vision is to minimize the number of integrations MSPs must juggle by constructing as comprehensive a suite as possible.

“At the end of the day, you’re going to need to integrate with other products,” NC concedes. “We can bring that number down.” 

The company also has a philosophical commitment to the idea that unified tools outperform integrated ones. “We believe that when software is built by the same set of developers and built specifically to work well together, it’s going to work well together,” NC says.

“Modern MSPs” without significant investments in legacy RMM and PSA solutions are the likeliest early adopters for SuperOps software, the company predicts. “They’re new and they can afford to look outside of the current tool sets,” NC says, adding that such companies tend to appreciate how easy SuperOps software is to deploy. “We’re not going to take weeks or months to set up. It’s going to be a matter of hours, maybe days.”

Users of legacy RMM and PSA solutions from companies like ConnectWise and Datto looking for something simpler and more affordable may find the platform appealing too, NC continues. “If you’re using a complex or a mature tool and you’re not using most of it, or only you’re using 15-20% of it, that’s a perfect fit for us,” he says. “We’re probably going to do everything that you want to do and for a much lower price.”

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