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Datto's Product Demo Is an Utter Disaster (Wink Wink)

Attendees at Tigerpaw Conference 2012 witness true disaster as Datto's product manager, Ian McChord, presents the SIRIS Business Continuity Solution. By Geoffrey Oldmixon

The CPU hit the fan Thursday, Sept. 27 when Datto product manager Ian McChord created what he called “a true disaster scenario.”

The forum for the so-called “Live Disaster Demo” was Tigerpaw Conference 2012 in Chicago, and attendees played a direct role. “I wanted to show off what Datto can do,” McChord says of his presentation. “So, I had members of the audience create a disaster mid-presentation.”

Presentation Recovery in Five Steps

According to McChord, the presentation was designed to showcase the various layers of recovery provided by the SIRIS Business Continuity Solution.

“The subtext of the demo I did here is that it’s a demo no other vendor can do,” says McChord.

McChord’s “Live Disaster Demo” took place in five parts:

  1. Standard Beginnings - At the start of the demo, McChord was running his screen projection via Windows 7 box.
  2. Disaster #1 - For the first “disaster,” McChord had a member of the audience rip out the box’s hard drive.
  3. Recovery #1 - The presentation recovered instantly via local Datto SIRIS.
  4. Disaster #2 - The peace didn’t last too long, as a second member of the audience was called upon pull out another hard drive, this time from the SIRIS.
  5. Recovery #2 - Again, disaster was averted via instant virtualization through the Datto data center over a Verizon WiFi hotspot.

“I definitely wanted it to be different,” McChord said of the presentation at its end, “but I really wanted to show off what Datto can do.”

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