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Aviso Unveils the Industry's Most Comprehensive, AI-Driven Forecasting and Sales Visibility Platform

MENLO PARK, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 13, 2017) - Aviso Ascent Conference -- Aviso, the leader in AI-powered sales forecasting and visibility, today unveiled Aviso Sales Vision™, the industry's most comprehensive sales forecasting and visibility platform. Aviso Sales Vision provides accurate sales forecasts, detailed pipeline visibility, and actionable insights that drive sales performance. Armed with Sales Vision, sales executives and operations leaders take control of quarterly performance and make informed decisions that accelerate sales growth.

This release of Aviso Sales Vision extends foundational capabilities to provide new functionality in six key areas: 1) A powerful new dashboard that provides insight at every level of the pipeline and forecast; 2) a new predictive pipeline capability that enables sales leaders to accurately project future pipeline value from the first day of the current quarter; 3) data-driven deal-level insights that allow reps and managers to evaluate the health of a deal by comparing its characteristics to similar deals that have closed in the past; 4) a new AI-powered pacing model that enables sales leaders to see whether they are on track for the quarter; 5) a new mobile app that helps salespeople stay up to date and focused on the right priorities; and 6) an open API that gives Aviso partners access to the platform for integration and increased functionality.

"Success in today's fast-moving business environment demands access to real-time data across all aspects of sales performance," said Michael Lock, CEO of Aviso. "Data-driven insights, available through AI, make it easier for sales leaders to see opportunities and trouble spots so they can course correct as things change. Our sales forecasting and visibility platform is built on advanced machine learning and AI, and provides a comprehensive view into forecasts, pipelines, and deals so that sales professionals can make better decisions. With Aviso Sales Vision, executives and reps have greater visibility, control, and confidence in the forecast, pipeline and ultimate results."

Aviso Sales Vision works seamlessly with Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and other data sources. It is the only sales visibility platform that provides the complete set of capabilities sales leaders require:

  • 360-Degree Sales Visibility: Ensures stronger, data-driven business decisions with real-time, AI-driven visibility into pipeline health, forecast changes, and sales performance from a PC or a mobile device.
  • AI-powered forecasts: Drives forecast confidence and makes it easy to control the quarter with accurate predictions from day one, and up to 180 days in the future.
  • Automated roll-up capabilities: Provides efficiency as it eliminates spreadsheet mistakes and drives team alignment with a collaborative view of roll-up data.
  • Data-driven sales insights: Empowers sales leaders with actionable insights by deal, rep, territory or other variables so they can stay on course and hit current and future targets.
  • Predictive Pipeline Value: Leverages AI to show exactly how much pipeline is needed today to hit future targets, know if you're on pace to achieve the number and eliminate the mythical 3x guestimate.

Unlike other forecasting tools, spreadsheets or analytics built in CRM, Aviso Sales Vision is built on a powerful AI engine and machine learning algorithms designed specifically to give sales leadership in large organizations the information they need to manage the business. Aviso Sales Vision provides multi-dimensional sales forecasts and insights, making it easy to pinpoint deals and identify trends that will affect the quarter. Only Aviso provides insight into "deal pacing," the rate of pipeline creation and development compared to day of the quarter, bookings, and plan. Through this lens, sales leaders can confidently determine if they have enough pipeline to meet current and future goals. In addition, only Aviso offers an accurate, predictive pipeline value, making it easier to determine if current pipeline will produce enough revenue to meet quota. Finally, only Aviso can accurately forecast run-rate deals before they appear in the pipeline through a unique application of AI that considers extensive historical data and trends. These unique capabilities make it easier than ever for sales leaders to understand performance at every level of the sales process, and to more accurately predict and control activities that drive performance.

Marc Diouane, President of Zuora, commented: "Aviso's artificial intelligence algorithms have been very accurate in forecasting our business on Day 1 of the quarter. The Aviso scores and prediction are used by our sales force to augment our traditional forecasts and enabled Zuora to continue to grow at such a fast pace."

Aviso Sales Vision is available now. For more information about sales forecasting and visibility strategies and to better understand Aviso Sales Vision, please visit our website.

About Aviso
Aviso offers the industry's most powerful AI-driven forecasting and sales visibility platform. Armed with Aviso, executives, managers, reps and sales operations leaders in large, multi-level sales organizations at HubSpot, Nutanix, RingCentral, Splunk, Pandora, Apttus and others, take control of sales performance and make informed decisions that accelerate sales growth. Only Aviso leverages Artificial Intelligence to provide data-driven forecasts, 360-degree visibility into sales performance and pipeline health, an automated rollup, and machine learning insight into deals and pipeline value to provide a clear path to achieve both current and future goals. Aviso is headquartered in Menlo Park, CA. For additional information, visit us at

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