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Security Fears & Cloud Computing: Building Trust In New Data Delivery Models (PDF)

Cloud computing could fundamentally change the way businesses adopt new applications and computing power but it also introduces new threats from a security perspective. Download this Small Business Security Guide. By ChannelPro

Cloud computing has been widely heralded as the “next big thing” in technology circles. At the same time it has arguably been overcomplicated in terms of the way it has been described. What if I told you that “Hotmail” was a good example of cloud computing, would that make it more straightforward? The concept really is as fundamental as a user tapping into a data centre via his or her Internet connection to get access to an online service, which in this example would be Hotmail email.

Let's expand this definition while still keeping it simple. As our web usage has become more sophisticated and web pages themselves have become more dynamic, the definition of an online service has progressed. Where we once used the web to find information, we now interact with the web as its services have evolved to become applications in their own right. These services now exhibit computer functionality in the same form that you would expect to get from our own PC.

Did You Know:

  • Cloud computing is bound by the same trust issues as any other technical service, but with the additional complexity of adding another layer of abstraction.
  • If architected and deployed correctly, cloud computing can bring new more scalable streams of computing power.
  • Security thought-leadership association The Jericho Forum's Cloud Cube Model outlines steps companies should take before signing up to cloud services.
  • AVG LinkScanner® safe search and surf technology ( can apply more than 100 different potential threat indicators to a web page.

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