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Local Exclusive Backup

Lutron is excited to introduce our Local Exclusive backup functionality. By Intronis

Intronis is excited to introduce our Local Exclusive backup functionality. This functionality allows Intronis partners to backup non-critical data exclusively to a local storage device on the customers premise. This allows partners to take a hybrid approach when looking to backup customer's information. The best part is these Local Exclusive backup sets are able to be managed exactly like our online backup sets. This means partners do not need to utilize a different reporting system for remote and local backups and will only need to train technicians on one solution, saving valuable time and money.

Local Exclusive backup sets allow partners to bring their own device to the party. Intronis does not restrict customers from purchasing only their device. As long as the device can be seen as a local drive or UNC path from Windows, Intronis can use the device. This means partners are able to use the devices they are most comfortable with supporting. This also means partners are able to bundle this device in the local exclusive backup offering and make the margins they would like.
Our new Local Exclusive backup sets allow partners to separate critical data from non-critical data. Non-critical data can be stored to a device on the customer premise in an encrypted format.

Critical data can also be stored on the same device to speed up restores in addition to the Intronis Cloud.

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