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Helping the Beer Industry Tap Increased Profits

The SteadyServ iKeg system uses an Intel gateway and data from the Internet of Things (IoT) to revolutionize inventory and sales planning. By Intel

With local and regional brewers proliferating, restaurants and bars can choose from a vast number of brands and styles of beer. The number of beers available today is greater than at any other time in history. A typical retail establishment might have two dozen or more taps, each connected to a different keg of beer in the retailer’s cooler.

While this diverse inventory gives customers a wide range of choices, it also complicates the task of monitoring and managing inventory, especially when retailers "rotate" many of these beers each week. The old methods—manually lifting a keg to estimate how much is left, or relying on memory to estimate which beers are the best sellers—no longer meet the needs of progressive retailers, distributors, and brewers.

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