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Guest Wi-Fi – The Most Valuable Marketing Tool for Physical Businesses

By WatchGuard

Online businesses have enjoyed rock-solid, predictable methods for improving marketing ROI, sales conversion rates, and numerous other metrics. However, in the physical world, there has been a huge gap in the tools businesses have to achieve the same valuable insight for optimizing their business. The explosion of mobile devices has now reached a point where, in general, most of the population has a WI-Fi enabled smartphone, tablet, watch, etc. This fact has opened the possibilities for marketing teams to gather insights about shopper, guest, and employee behavior in the physical world just as has been done in the digital world for over a decade. The emergence of sophisticated tools for tracking guest activities within physical shop locations via their connection to the store-provided Wi-Fi network is evening the playing field between digital and physical spaces for marketers and business owners who invest in the right Wi-Fi solutions and know how to use them.

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