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ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #132 - The Jerk Tax

By ChannelPro Weekly

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Heard of the Jerk Tax? It’s from the same people who brought you the “moron fee”, as in “let me add a little more-on your bill, Mr. Managed Services Customer, for being such a jerk.”

It’s also one of many topics that Matt and Rich discuss in this episode with their guest host, solution provider and former managed services consultant Ronnie Parisella, along with what Microsoft’s latest quarterly financials tell us about the state of the cloud computing market, what the latest data from Gartner and IDC tell us about where the money is in IT these days, and how to get strategic planning right.

All that’s followed by a tip-laden conversation on social media marketing for MSPs with digital marketing expert Chris Wiser, of The Wiser Agency. And no tax for you on any of it, because ChannelPro Weekly thinks you’re great!

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Show Information:

Episode #: 132
Title: The Jerk Tax
Duration: 1:49:26
File size: 50.4MB
Regulars: Rich Freeman - Executive Editor, Matt Whitlock - Technology Editor
Guest Host: Ronnie Parisella

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