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ChannelPro Weekly Podcast: Episode #100 - Lights, Camera, Action!

By ChannelPro Weekly

It’s quite possible that neither Matt nor Rich has ever done anything successfully 100 times before, but somehow or other they’ve managed to record 100 episodes of this podcast without inspiring any lawsuits. Worth a celebration, wouldn’t you say?

Then tune in to the recorded audio version of what from here on out will be a live video podcast as well (details here). You’ll hear your hosts discuss recent news from ConnectWise, WatchGuard, and Proofpoint, reminisce about episode 001, discuss a couple of Logitech mice, and more.

Wanna see the video version of this show, recorded live in Matt’s kitchen? Just click right here!

NOTE: Rich and I were recording together from the same location and inadvertently had two open microphones for some portions of the show. The audio for these sections is a echoey and occasionally difficult to listen to. We sincerely apologize for the technical error. Future episodes will not have this issue.

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Show Information:

Episode #: 100
Title: Lights, Camera, Action!
Duration: 1:38:26
File size: 45.0MB
Regulars: Rich Freeman - Executive Editor, Matt Whitlock - Technology Editor

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