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Webroot Customer Case Study: Texas Systems Group

Texas Systems Group Scales Profit with Webroot—Self-Healing Features and Automation Reduce Cost and Improve Margins By Webroot

IT security has become a high-stakes game that stretches the resources and skills of many organizations. Firms struggle to keep up with an ever-changing threat landscape as the pool of available security professionals continues to shrink. The SMB customer is particularly vulnerable, competing for talent against larger firms with greater resources and a broader ability to recruit and retain the best people. Faced with these dual challenges, many companies have turned to managed services as a way to acquire not only security functionality, but to mitigate the need for a large IT security staff. This trend extends well beyond the bounds of the security infrastructure into many aspects of what those in IT call the "back office."

Texas Systems Group has become a leader in this space, providing IT managed services and serving as the outsourced IT staff for hundreds of customers.

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