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APC by Schneider Electric

APC by Schneider Electric
132 Fairgrounds Road
W. Kingston, RI 02892
United States
+1 800 788 2208

APC by Schneider Electric is a manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies, electronics peripherals, and data center products.

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August 3rd, 2022
Article | Larry Hann
Three steps MSPs can take to establish edge computing expertise and be strategic partners to customers. - read more
March 4th, 2022
Article | James E. Gaskin
New mobile hardware from Lenovo and Samsung, new vPro chips from Intel, new security software from Microsoft, and a new tool for exacting revenge on noisy neighbors are among the many stories we’ve finally gotten around to sharing with you. - read more
June 18th, 2021
News | Rich Freeman
The smallest single-phase UPS in Schneider Electric’s portfolio, the new APC Smart-UPS Ultra is also the first 3kW 1U product in the industry, according to its manufacturer. - read more
March 12th, 2021
Resource | ChannelPro Weekly
Going a little stir crazy these days? Thinking about cybersecurity a lot? Matt, Rich, and guest host Brian Weiss, of ITECH Solutions, certainly are. - read more
September 28th, 2020
Resource | ChannelPro Weekly
Sometimes it pays to sweat the small stuff, and you’ll learn about one of those times when Matt explains why he has a fat lip this week. Onboarding a company you’ve just acquired is another good example, as you’ll see when Matt and Rich discuss a recent article on that topic with ChannelPro Managing Editor Colleen Frye, their guest host for this special edition of ChannelPro Weekly, sponsored by APC by Schneider Electric. - read more
July 24th, 2020
Article | James E. Gaskin
New IT automation software from Ivanti, new Ryzens from AMD, and a would-be criminal mastermind who should have used spell check on his phony death certificate are just a few of the stories we’ve finally made time to tell you about. - read more
July 24th, 2020
Press Release | ChannelPro
ANDOVER, MASS. – July 22, 2020 – Schneider Electric, the global leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, today launched the new Opportunity Registration Program (ORP) to provide increased financial incentives for partners that proactively identify, develop and close news opportunities in strategic IT growth areas. - read more
November 13th, 2019
Resource | APC by Schneider Electric and ChannelPro
Planning and designing a successful data center remains a major challenge, and the best practices and design methods behind building data centers aren’t changing fast enough. But not in all cases, and guides to success have already been drawn. By applying these 5 components to your plans and designs, you can construct your own guide to create another data center success story.  - read more
November 13th, 2019
Resource | APC by Schneider Electric
Classrooms move to digital applications more every year – and solutions are expected to keep up to maximize education and minimize troubleshooting. And, solutions which can accommodate for limited human resources are even more critical. See how this case of cloud-based management architecture is keeping up with digital classroom needs in a storm-prone zone and elevate your adaptability.  - read more
November 13th, 2019
Resource | APC by Schneider Electric and ChannelPro
Investments on DCIM software don’t guarantee that the benefits of the software will demonstrate in your business. In that case, you may be plunging into multiple pitfalls that prevent DCIM solutions from properly implementing. By avoiding or remedying these three pitfalls, you can discern appropriate solutions, restructure an inadequate or mismatched process, and learn how to take ownership to be the expert who provides guidance.  - read more


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