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Plan your day at Microsoft Secure

 Plan your day at Microsoft Secure

Start your day with a keynote from Charlie Bell, Executive Vice President, Microsoft Security, and Vasu Jakkal, Corporate Vice President, Security, Compliance & Identity on what an AI-powered future means for cybersecurity. Stay tuned shortly after for more product announcements across security, compliance and identity.

Sessions will continue on topics including:

Decision to Revise FIPS 180-4, Secure Hash Standard

In June 2022, NIST’s Crypto Publication Review Board initiated a review process for Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 180-4, Secure Hash Standard (SHS), and received public comments. In December 2022, the board proposed revising FIPS 180-4 and received no additional comments on that proposed decision. NIST has decided to revise FIPS 180-4 and will revise the text to: 
1. Remove the SHA-1 specification; 


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