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GCTC CPAC COVID-19 eResourceKit

This eResouceKit is your guide to Working, Learning, and Living from Home, with your security and privacy defended. It will be a long and challenging road for us all, but we can and will get there, together by taking informed actions to gain control and risk prioritization during and after the pandemic - Cities and Communities, Businesses, First Responders, and Self-Employed/Gig Worker.

Home / SMB Router Device Security Issues

     Routers are a key piece of any computer network and handle all traffic destined from one network to another. While business networks typically utilize big single purpose routers from vendors like Cisco or Juniper, home networks typically utilize a smaller ‘router’ combining a router, switch, and wireless access point. They make it extremely simple to establish a home network to anyone with about $100. This low cost and ease of use seems to come with a penalty though: The security of the resulting network.

Security Guidelines for Storage Infrastructure: Draft SP 800-209

    Storage infrastructure—along with compute (encompassing OS and host hardware) and network infrastructures—is one of the three fundamental pillars of Information Technology (IT). However, compared to its counterparts, it has received relatively limited attention when it comes to security, even though data compromise can have as much negative impact on an enterprise as security breaches in compute and network infrastructures. 


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