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How to safely dispose of computers and other devices

With Windows 8 now out and the holiday season approaching lot of people will be getting new computers and electron devices that have personal information on them. I thought this would be a good time to remember how to dispose of those devices

When you get rid of paper documents you should shred them, This include the offers for new credit cards, or any information that would compromise your personal information and make it easy for to become an identity theft victim from loss of information that is printed.

HP Experts day and Windows 8

I will be helping with the HP Windows 8 Day and I though a couple of articles would help.


Upgrading to Windows 8

Before upgrading to Windows 8, I recommend that you run the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant. It scans your current PC to see if it is ready for Windows 8 and then provides a compatibility report and optional steps for you to buy, download, and install Windows 8.

Add Windows Media Center to Windows 8 Pro for free

If your PC is running Windows 8 Pro and you'd like to get Windows 8 Media Center Pack so you can watch and record live TV with Windows Media Center.

Media center adds Windows Media Center will support all previous features including including DVD playback (in Media Center, not in Media Player), broadcast TV recording and playback (DBV-T/S, ISDB-S/T, DMBH, and ATSC), and VOB file playback,  you can take advantage of the following special offer:

Windows to Go and Windows Store to Go and Windows Store

If you have Windows 8 and have created a Windows to go  USB drive, one of the restrictions that is applied to Windows To Go machines is that the Windows Store is disabled by default.  If you are in a domain environment, you might have enabled a policy that doesn't allow the Windows Store to install apps on Windows to go Workspaces.

Go to the group policy editor. You can go to the gpmc.msc for the Active Directory Group Policy Management Console, or gpedit.msc for the local Group Policy Editor.

Do you have more that 1 computer in front of you?

This is really Cool…

Mouse without Borders is a prototype that makes you the captain of your computer fleet by allowing you to control up to four computers from a single mouse and keyboard.

This means that with Mouse without Borders you can copy text or drag and drop files across computers. You load a small program on each of your computers, then you can copy text or drag and drop files across computers

This APP is a Side project of a Microsoft employee

Microsoft Announces New Developer Certification


Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) is a rebuilt certification for the modern application marketplace

As part of the reinvented Microsoft Certification Program, Microsoft today announces the new Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) credential for developers. Microsoft has rebooted the MCSD certification for the new world of cloud and the application marketplace.


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