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New Microsoft Blog: Don’t get caught unprepared: three steps to manage the risks of multicloud

This month’s episode of Uncovering Hidden Risks discusses what it means to support multicloud, the risks of running a multicloud strategy, and how customers can think about this as they accelerate their digital transformation. Considering over 90% of organizations are already multicloud – meaning they rely on more than one cloud provider; it is important to understand how to protect people and data in a constantly evolving digital environment.

New York Metro Cyber Security Conference & Workshops, October, 19th- 20th 2023 in New York City, NY

As you may know I am one of the Co-chairs of this event. This will be our 10 year of running this conference. We have an open call for speakers on the site. If you have a topic your passionate about, please think about submit a proposal. We respectfully invite qualified members from the cybersecurity community to submit for speaking at the 2023 New York Metro Joint Cyber-Security Conference and/or Workshop.

InfoSecurity.NYC ∴ Call for Speakers (

Critical Barracuda Email Security Gateway Appliance (ESG) Vulnerability

JUNE 6th, 2023:

ACTION NOTICE: Impacted ESG appliances must be immediately replaced regardless of patch version level. If you have not replaced your appliance after receiving notice in your UI, contact support now ([email protected]).  

Barracuda’s remediation recommendation at this time is full replacement of the impacted ESG. 

See the full article here

Microsoft Azure Virtual Training Day: AI Fundamentals

Explore core AI concepts at Azure Virtual Training Day: AI Fundamentals from Microsoft Learn. Join us for this free training event to learn how organizations use AI technology to solve real-world challenges and see how to build intelligent applications using Azure AI services. This training is suitable for anyone interested in AI solutions—including those in technical or business roles.

Webinar: Power AI Innovations with Purpose-Built AI Infrastructure

Advances in cloud performance is paving the way for the acceleration of AI innovations across simulations, science, and industry. And as the complexity of AI models grows exponentially, Microsoft is leveraging a decade of experience in supercomputing and supporting the largest AI training workloads, to develop purpose built and optimized AI infrastructure for any scale.


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