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Where You Can Catch Up with Acronis in 2022

 My good friend Amy over at Acronis sent me a note about where you can catch up with them at various shows in 2022. Of course, everything is subject to change for a variety of reasons. So conventioneer beware.

Catch Acronis at . . .

SMB Techfest
January 20
Anaheim, CA
ASCII Success Summit
February 16-17
Houston, TX
Acronis #Cyberfit Summit
February 17 - 18, 2022
Singapore, Singapore
February 21-23
Cancun, Mexico
ChannelPro SMB Summit
New Jersey
March 9th
ASCII Success Summit
March 23-24
Kansan City, MO
SMB Techfest
April 14
Anaheim, CA
ASCII Success Summit
April 20-21
Chicago, IL
ChannelPro SMB Summit
May 5th
ASCII Success Summit
May 24-25
Boston, MA
ChannelPro SMB Summit
June 7th
ASCII Success Summit
June 15-16
Long Beach, CA
SMB Techfest
July 21
Anaheim, CA
ASCII Success Summit
July 27-28
Toronto, ON
ChannelPro SMB Summit
Charlotte NC
Aug 9
Channel Company xChange
August 21-23
Denver, CO
ASCII Success Summit
August 23-24
Miami, FL
ChannelPro SMB Summit
Sept 13th
IOTSSA Cybersecurity Expo
Sept. 14-15 --> was January 18 - 20, 2022
ASCII Success Summit
September 28-29
Parsippany, NJ
ASCII Success Summit
October 4-5
Dallas, TX
SMB Techfest
October 20
Anaheim, CA
ChannelPro SMB Summit
So Calif
Nov 3rd
IT Nation Connect 2022 
November 9 - 11
. . . and tell them Karl sent you. 
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