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Trust is Key to Selling IT Security

The key to selling IT security is building trust between businesses and clients, panelists at an Annual Member Meeting presentation said today.
That’s important for a product that succeeds when nothing happens.

“Customers small, medium, large – they need this,” said Randy Cochran, Symantec vice president of channel sales. “You are their resource.”
Explaining return on investment for security solutions is different because it is more about risk management and explaining what can be avoided, said moderator Larry Walsh of Channel Insider.

Instead, “Clients want to know the most pain they’ll encounter if they don’t implement the latest technology,” said Steve Barone, president and CEO of Creative Breakthroughs.

The best thing resellers can do in the realm of security is to invest in employees and training to stay current in the ever-changing field, Cochran said.
“The threat landscape is changing and evolving every day,” he said. “It is much more targeted.”

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