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There’s a Webinar For That…

Just when I thought every conceivable use for an iPhone had been devised, along comes another app to prove me wrong. I recently stumbled upon the ‘Fake Conversation’ app which lets me setup a bogus call along with a phony ringtone, display and voice feedback just to complete the deception! I’m not sure what bothers me more; that the demand for a sham call program is so great or that a software developer actually sat down and built it. From fake beer goggles to a mirror program that uses the front-facing camera of the iPhone 4 so you can see yourself; there truly is an app for everything. 

The sheer number of mobile technology programs almost reaches the quantity of business issues facing our members. From a VAR’s service portfolio needs to their internal accounting and human resources concerns, solution providers have told us they could use help refining parts of their business. With that in mind, CompTIA has been busy creating a large portfolio of educational webinars covering a large number of valued channel topics. In addition to a rather lengthy list of upcoming educational sessions, our team records each event for our members so they can view them at their own leisure or share in a company meeting. While these webinars may not push the boundaries of sanity like some of the iPhone apps, CompTIA hosts more than 24 webinars each year covering almost every aspect of an IT channel business.  

Each web event is hosted by an expert in the field of discussion, providing high quality vendor-neutral content developed specifically for IT channel businesses. These professionals are vetted by the CompTIA team but recommended by many of our members and affiliates— based on their specific expertise and instructional aptitude. In effect, we’ve created a virtual classroom where members create their own IT business curriculum.

Upcoming webinars include topics such as:

  • Quarterly business reviews
  • Compensation plans
  • Hosted Email
  • 2010 election impact on the IT Industry
  • CompTIA research summary

On demand sessions cover almost every part of an IT channel business, including:

The 2010 webinar schedule was loaded with beneficial topics, and you can also expect to see a number of advanced educational sessions added next year. No two businesses are the same level of development, and our members have asked for more varied levels of instruction to meet their unique needs. In the coming months, we’ll be launching these advanced webinars with the input of our members and the specific industry experts that will host them.

 As you examine either our “live” or previously recorded sessions, I’m sure more than a few of you will utter “yup - there’s a webinar for that…”

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