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SSDF & IoT Cybersecurity Guidance: Building Blocks for IoT Product Security

NIST’s IoT cybersecurity guidance has long recognized the importance of secure software development (SSDF) practices, highlighted by the NIST IR 8259 series—such as the recommendation for documentation in Action 3.d of NIST IR 8259B, that manufacturers have considered and documented their “secure software development and supply chain practices used.” The NIST SSDF (NIST SP 800-218) describes software development practices that can aid manufacturers in developing IoT products by providing guidance for the secure development of software and firmware. These development practices can also provide assurance to customers regarding how those products were developed and how the manufacturer will support them. When used together, NIST’s SSDF and IoT cybersecurity guidance help manufacturers design and deliver more secure IoT products to customers.Read the Blog

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