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See where you stand with the security operations self-assessment

Modern Security Operations Self-assessment   Modernize your ability to detect, respond, and recover from threats    
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  In today’s evolving threat landscape, security teams must continually modernize their security operations to stay prepared and keep up with adversaries. We’ve developed two resources to help you succeed. Answer the questions in the modern security operations self-assessment questionnaire to evaluate the maturity stage of your security operations. Based on your answers you’ll get recommendations to help you modernize your approach to: Triage InvestigationThreat hunting Incident management Automation Download the modern security operations guide to see best practices and lessons learned from the Microsoft Cyber Defense Operations Center. We’ve created this guide to help you develop strategies to:  Modernize your technology stack to ensure you have protection and visibility across all attack vectors Improve the processes of your security operations team and help them separate true threats from false positives Reduce your vulnerabilities and increase speed and efficiency for security teams defending against attacks.  

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