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Your SMB clients have a variety of needs. From reaching their sales and cash flow objectives to addressing a variety of technological initiatives and compliance requirements, many business owners are looking for professionals with a wide range of support capabilities.

Remaining competitive in an era of continual innovation is a major concern for SMB organizations. Those companies have fewer resources, including capital and talent, but still have to juggle the same continually expanding list of responsibilities as their enterprise-level peers. Without the help of highly skilled staff, small business leaders often rely on outsourced talent to design, implement, and support the latest innovations.

Many SMBs used to spend years if not decades evaluating various emerging technology options before committing. The innovation cycle timeline is significantly shorter today. With digital transformation fueling the competition, including advances such as cloud services and a thriving community of apps, small business owners can no longer procrastinate.     

Whether your clients are looking to add IoT, AI, AR, or drones to their operations, or wish to take part in a Smart Cities initiative, the old “foot-dragging” business mentality is fading away. Many SMBs are no longer sitting back and waiting while their competition takes full advantage of solutions that create new opportunities or automate the least efficient parts of their operations.

Providers with the right skills and messages have a unique opportunity to profit from the latest tech trends ‒ if they understand and can address their clients’ underlying needs. Security can be one of those cornerstones.     

Protection is a Strategic Value

Many small business leaders are struggling with their long-term technology plans. For example, how can they evaluate all the promising new solutions if they don’t employ experienced professionals who can make sense of it all? Most have few if any internal IT resources, including the personnel to assess each opportunity, or the expertise to implement and manage emerging technologies.

One of their biggest concerns relating to emerging technology adoption is network and data protection. Businesses frequently identify cybersecurity risks as one of the top reasons for their slow adoption of next-gen solutions, and SMBs are consistently more anxious than their larger competitors. For example, relatively few (36%) of the organizations surveyed in CompTIA’s 2019 Trends in the Internet of Things report were prepared to address the security aspects of an IoT implementation.

With a variety of global entities launching these technologies with minimal standards, those concerns are understandable. Security experts are increasingly concerned that hackers could gain control of commercial drones or those operated by municipalities and first responders, or access information such as flight logs, images, video, and user-related data.

Network protection is also a major priority for those developing Smart City initiatives, artificial intelligence solutions, and blockchain technologies. While skeptics often suggest neither is an ideal channel opportunity, the SMB is already adopting some of the more basic applications of these solutions and could use trusted cybersecurity professionals to address potential vulnerabilities

Expand Your Cyber Security and Emerging Technologies Horizons at ChannelCon

IT services professionals not only have an opportunity to fill the security void for the SMB but, with a well-laid plan of attack, can introduce those clients to a variety of other services. Cybersecurity and emerging technology expertise have a multiplying effect, driving new business opportunities and strengthening existing customer relationships. The net result is increased recurring revenue streams.

Cybersecurity and emerging technology support are two real differentiators that every IT services company should offer their SMB clients. Both topics are featured prominently on the CompTIA ChannelCon 2019 agenda. These sessions are designed to enlighten MSPs on the latest SMB trends and provide fresh insight on how these services can help your clients make successful digital transformations.

One of the highlights of this year’s event is keynote speaker Eric O'Neill, author of Gray Day and the subject of Universal Studios’ feature film, Breach. He is an internationally renowned expert on cybersecurity, espionage, fraud, corporate diligence, and national defense. At ChannelCon 2019, O’Neill will discuss rising business threats based on his experiences as an FBI counterintelligence operative, attorney, and corporate security consultant. Among his most notable accomplishments was helping to capture the most notorious spy in U.S. history, Robert Phillip Hanssen.

Be sure to check out Eric O’Neill’s keynote presentation and see what other great sessions are on the ChannelCon agenda ‒ including collaborative cybersecurity and emerging technologies discussions. Why not register and make travel arrangements today?  

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