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Learn How Las Vegas is Stimulating Startups

This guest blog entry was written by Lester Keizer, CEO of Business Continuity Technologies.

Business Continuity Solutions has been in business for over 30 years. We’re one of the oldest technology companies in the Las Vegas area. Over the decades we’ve morphed from a regular technology product sales company to a company selling enterprise-level products to a firm that does strictly managed services in its purest form.

The last six months has really been great for our company. We see the Vegas market growing.

We’re also in an interesting phase in the growth of the local technology sector. Vegas is trying to diversify from just a gaming and hospitality city to a technology city. It’s driven by the CEO of Zappos, Tony Hsieh, who’s really developed the whole downtown Las Vegas into an entrepreneurial technology corridor. Many of these tech businesses are small companies and startups. In fact, in the Las Vegas market, 97 percent of all businesses have 50 or fewer employees. So we are really an SMB city.

We fully support the Innovators Job Creation Act, legislation pending in the U.S. Senate, which would extend and modify the research and development tax credit, which would help small start-up firms to create new and innovative products and technologies. This legislation would help the growth of startups in Las Vegas and across the country. It will drive and stimulate the economy and help entrepreneurs like us get to where we need to be a lot quicker and get our solutions out into the marketplace, helping other companies grow their business.

As a single small business, doors may not always open for us and our voices may not always be heard. But there is strength in numbers; and there is strength in the number of small business and small technology businesses in America. With our huge numbers and the name recognition of CompTIA, it gets us in doors that we would normally not be able to unlock. It’s good to have the backing and the resources of a large organization like CompTIA to help small solution providers and entrepreneurs accomplish what we need to do.

For more on our story, check out this informative video.

Lester Keizer is the CEO of Business Continuity Solutions, a provider of managed technology services headquartered in Las Vegas.

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