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IT resumes need to focus on the details

Trying to land a job can be frustrating. The competition in the IT channel is growing, making it even more difficult to stand out in a crowded pool. Because of this, potential employees need to make sure they are doing everything possible to differentiate themselves and this starts with the resume.

CIO has an ongoing series where they examine IT resumes and make them over to improve the candidate's job potential. This month, resume expert Ross Macpherson focused on the need for details.

The candidate used in his breakdown was Ankit Mathur, a technology sales professional. The biggest problem with Mathur's resume, aside from inconsistent formatting, is the fact that it did little to separate him from the competition. It was filled with education and work history that listed responsibilities, but there were no actual numbers.

"I wanted to make him stand out from his peers, but his current resume looked like so many others in similar roles," he said. "And the content he included under each poison was 99 percent his responsibilities, which tells me what he did but not any information about how well he did it."

Macpherson's answer was to pull back on duplicate job responsibilities and add more results. This puts the focus on how well Mathur was about to do his job. It makes the resume crisp and concise, with an emphasis on context.

Identifying and recruiting impactful IT talent is challenging, especially when candidates are not helping themselves standout. VAR Staffing helps organizations get through the fluff to find the quality professionals that are needed.


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