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IT opportunities high on top jobs list

In high schools across the country, many seniors are starting to make the decision of what major to take in college and what career to pursue when they graduate. Some will argue that this is the most important decision an individual can make while others believe it takes some time in higher education to find what truly captures your interest. Regardless, there are some career paths that are more lucrative than others.

Recently, business forecast and personal finance advice service Kiplinger released a list of the top jobs for the future. This was determined using factors like high-pay, expanding opportunity, job creation, education level required and reported stress level.

Unsurprisingly, the top of the list is represented by technology jobs. One of the was the role of information security analyst. There are currently 78,020 U.S. workers in this position making an annual salary of between $67,120 and $113,100. The 10-year growth projection is 36.5 percent.

"Thank the hackers for making this the fastest-growing career opportunity on this list," the report reads. "Increasing digital dangers are pushing Uncle Sam, state and local governments, and companies of all stripes to better protect their technology and beef up information security. Hospitals and doctors' offices, in particular, will need help securing patients' privacy as they begin to keep more digital records."

The other technology job on the list is app developer. There are currently 643,830 professionals in the role making between $72,290 and $116,630 annually. The growth rate is 22.8 percent.

Technology jobs signify a major piece of the future for many organizations. With the help of VAR Staffing, IT solution providers will be able to gain the upper hand when it comes to recruiting the impactful talent that makes a difference in the current business landscape.


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