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Issues with RWA in SBS 2011

Just a fyi to all in the various communities

There are two symptoms lately with failing to connect to RWA

A 404 error message on a web site when the user is running Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 with IE11 = fix it with placing the url in the trusted site zone and in compat mode. Do not start ripping out your IIS - instead read SBS 2011's latest update rollup is also supposed to fix this but some have reported it doesn't and I haven't been able to get a confirm/deny from anyone to confirm or deny it doesn't fix it.

Next one is RWA failing to connect to desktops, but an IIS reset will temporarily fix it:

Threads in the forum:

..and more folks below reporting. The root cause is .net 4.5.1 being installed.

you can't easily remove 4.5.1 as it pulls out .net 4 so you have to reinstall .net 4 and then fix up the pools as they will flip over to .net 2 rather than the .net 4 they need to be (see s for the grid of what IIS pool needs to be what .net


throw more ram at the box and adjust the Exchange (see

IF you are impacted can you grab the info below before stomping on Exchange please?

Could you please help to let us know the top 5 processes which consume the RAM most using the below powershell script when this out-of-memory issue happens?

(Get-WmiObject -class Win32_Process) | select Name,{$_.GetOwner().User},WorkingSetSize | sort -Property WorkingSetSize -Descending | select -First 5

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