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Improve technology hiring by getting past the myths

Technology jobs are in high demand and not just in the IT channel. A Dice report from the beginning of the year found that 73 percent of U.S. companies plan on adding more tech talent in 2014. Bank of America alone is looking to fill 263 positions.

The problem is that it can be difficult to find the impactful talent when decision-makers are overwhelmed by the number of resumes that can be received. As a recent article from Techcrunch describes, like the rest of the technology landscape, it is possible to "hack" the hiring process.

This is done by getting past some common myths, which include:

Look for the best education – While an Ivy league education may look great on a resume, it does not always mean the candidate will be a home run if offered a job. As we reported earlier in the week, hiring managers should be looking at the employee's passion  more so than the diploma.

The surprise question – While many hiring decision makers like to throw a curveball question to test a candidate, it doesn't actually offer any practical evaluation information. Many companies including Google, Intel and Amazon have not only abandoned the brainteasers, but created tools to help explain their hiring process.

Lets see you code – While it is always a good idea to test a candidate's ability, there are many new tools that can be used. You do not need to pull out a whiteboard and have a candidate code right there.

Quickly close the door when a hire is made – If you are lucky enough to find multiple quality candidates, keep in touch with the ones that you pass on.

The ultimate takeaway from the article is that businesses need to hire smart. One way to do this is to partner with VAR Staffing to help find the impactful talent that makes a difference.


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