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Get Your Boss to Pay for Professional Development | Sample Request Letter

Get Your Boss to Pay for Professional Development

It may not be mentioned as much as benefits like health insurance and paid time off, but many employers will cover the cost of training opportunities for their employees. An employee’s skillset improves with additional training and learning opportunities, so when employers encourage employees to participate in professional development opportunities, it’s a win–win situation.

According to recent CompTIA research about workforce and learning trends, HR managers and talent management’s number-one priority is implementing new and better approaches to training and professional development. And, according to the 2020 Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary Report, when formal training is available, 80% of IT decision makers authorized it.  

A graph of the top 7 HR priorities over the next 12 months

Why It’s Important to Request More Training

One of the major appeals to having a career in tech is potentially bypassing a four-year degree. By earning IT certifications – typically in a much quicker manner than it takes to earn a degree –  IT pros demonstrate they have the knowledge and skills to perform in various tech roles. For those with ambitions in the IT industry, certifications can be more desirable than any post-graduate degree.

Though they are much more affordable than a college course, certifications are not exactly cheap – especially if you’re supporting a family or are in the midst of a career change. But to be at the top of your tech game, you’ll need to improve your professional learning sooner rather than later.

IT pros can accomplish this without breaking the bank by requesting that their organization support their IT certification endeavors financially.

CompTIA Offers Both Training and Certifications

CompTIA has formed a one-stop shop for IT pros to study for and earn their certifications. Whether it’s online training or in-person training courses, CompTIA has options that fit several different learning types and schedules. And because our official training is developed with our exams in mind, you can expect high-quality learning materials.

CompTIA IT certifications have a long-standing history of being the credentials that prove to employers you have the IT skills they are looking for.
Here are 5 ways CompTIA can help you get into IT and advance your IT career.

How to Get Your Boss to Pay for Your IT Certification

Let’s be clear – we do not recommend strolling into your manager’s office and demanding they pay for your certification voucher. In contrast, approaching your manager timidly or waiting for them to extend the offer probably won’t work either.

Being direct, professional and supporting your argument with research and facts is the best way to gain your manager’s support in your IT certification journey.

Check out some of these stats:

A study by EdAssist in 2018 shows the positive impact that training programs and career development have on employees when the company pays for them. Specifically:

  • 93% of respondents say that using their employer’s tuition assistance program helped them develop the skills they needed to grow within their organization.
  • 56% of respondents would not have pursued additional education without this support from their employer.

Research by Global Knowledge arrives at a similar conclusion:

  • After training to achieve an IT certification, over half of IT professionals said the quality of their work has improved, while one-third find their work more engaging post-certification. Another 15% say they now make fewer errors.
  • 94% of decision makers worldwide say that certified team members provide added value above and beyond the cost of certification.

Just because your employer is paying the bill doesn’t mean they don’t also want to save money.
Here are 6 ways that you – or your employer – can get a discount on CompTIA exam vouchers.

How to Write a Training Request Letter

You know you want to earn a new IT certification, and you’re ready to bring this up to your manager. Writing a formal request letter to your manager informing them about the benefits of a CompTIA certification and why you’d like to attend a training is a great way to start the conversation and position your ask.

Here are a few questions your letter should answer:

  • How does the certification match your job responsibilities, or the responsibilities of a job you want?
  • How much does it cost, and do you want your employer to pay for some or all of it?
  • When will you study – on your own time or during work hours?
  • How will you measure success?

Want more help writing that letter? Fill out the form below to download our sample training request letter in an easy-to-edit Word doc.

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