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The first broad expansion (over 50 additions/expansions!) for the new Microsoft Information Partner Mobile App for Windows Phone

imageLast week I let you all know about the re-branding, expansion, and launch of the former Microsoft Partner Information mobile app into the Microsoft Information Partner mobile app, now serving everyone interested in Microsoft and the solutions we have to offer. In that announcement, I explained that with this change in the app, I would be bringing new information and feeds into the app to broaden its scope and build out the wealth of information included within it. Well, I’m a man of my word and I am happy to let you know that as of this morning, the first set of expansions are now live within the app and have been slipstreamed into it through the real-time dynamic updating built into the app (powered by Windows Azure).

So what are the additions that have been added? There were over 50 new updates brought in and here they are (and where you can find them):

In the Products section, the following have been added and/or expanded:

  • Apps for Office & SharePoint (Added)
  • Ask Directory Services Team (Added)
  • Bing (Expanded)
  • Cloud - Building Clouds (Added)
  • Exchange (Expanded)
    • Expanded Exchange Team Blog (Added)
    • Exchange YouTube (Added)
    • Wiki: Exchange Server Portal (Added)

  • Fuse Labs (Expanded)
  • Kinect for Windows (Added)
  • Lync - Migrated to Lync Server Community Content Hub (Expanded)
  • .Net Framework (Added)
  • .Net Web Development and Tools (Added)
  • (Expanded)
    • Blog (Added)
    • YouTube (Added)

  • Partner & Customer Solutions Blog (Added)
    • Focuses on cutting edge customer and partner experiences for existing and new Windows Server and Cloud releases.

  • Project (Expanded)
  • Remote Desktop Services (Added)
  • SkyDrive (Expanded)
  • Skype (Expanded)
  • Storage Team at Microsoft (Added)
  • Sysinternals (Added)
  • System Center (Expanded to include):
    • Virtual Machine Manager Engineering (Added)
    • Service Manager Engineering (Added)
    • Operations Manager Engineering (Added)
    • Data Protection Manager (Added)
    • Orchestrator Engineering (Added)

  • The Old New Thing (Added)
  • Virtualization (Expanded to include):
    • Ben Armstrong (Added)

  • Visual C++ (Added)
  • Visual Studio (Expanded to include):
    • Visual Studio ALM (Added)
    • Brian Harry (Added)
    • Beth Massi (Added)

  • Windows App Dev (Added)
  • Windows Azure (Expanded to include):
    • Keith Mayer (Added)

  • Windows PowerShell (Added)
    • PowerShell (Added)
    • Hey Scripting Guy (Added)

  • Windows Server (Expanded)
    • Ask The Windows Server Core Team (Added)

  • Windows Server Essentials (Added)
  • Xbox (Expanded)
    • Xbox Forums Wiki (Added)

In the People section, the following have been added and/or expanded:

  • Ask Premier Field Engineering (Added)
  • BizSpark Featured Startups (Added)
  • Cindy Bates - Vice President of Microsoft’s U.S. Small-and-Midsized Business group (Added)
  • Dan Stolts – IT Pro Guru at Microsoft (Added)
  • Focus on Small Business (Added)
  • Jon Galloway (Added)
  • Microsoft Advertising (Added)
  • Microsoft Security (Expanded to include):
    • Security Tips & Talk (Added)
    • Security Blog (Added)
    • Security Response Center (Added)
    • Security Research & Defense (Added)
    • Malware Protection Center (Added)
    • Security Development Lifecycle (Added)
    • Microsoft BlueHat (Added)
    • Trustworthy Computing (Added)

  • Microsoft Small Business (Added)
  • Scott Hanselman – Web Developer at Microsoft (Added)
  • Scott Guthrie - Corporate Vice President in the Microsoft Server and Tools Business (Added)

By now the latest update of the Microsoft Information Partner Mobile App has been made available in the Windows Phone Store and you should have received your update notification last week, so hopefully you have downloaded the update on your phone. All of the slipstream updates above have been phased in over the past 24 hours and are all live right now (just open the app on your Windows Phone and you’ll see them). I’ll be sure to bring more relevant information to the app over time, and if you have suggestions on people, topics, etc. that you think would be good to include, drop me a line and let me know. After all, the app is designed to be for all of you, to give you the information you are looking for, right at your fingertips on your Windows Phone.

Oh, and speaking of being a man of my word, last week I also said that I wanted to give away 1,000,000 (yes, that is a MILLION!) free eBooks to my readers. Well, we’re already over 900,000 given away in just over a week, so if you haven’t had a chance to check out the latest collection I posted (which also includes links to two prior collections I have made available), be sure to do so and get your FREE eBooks today. I have a feeling we may break that 1,000,000 mark today, so come join in the fun and help us get over that line today. Smile

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