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Erick Simpson’s MSP Newsletter | June 2020

MSP Business Transformation Newsletter June 2020

Happy Father's Day!

To all the Fathers reading this, I hope you have a wonderful Father’s Day!
“Anyone who tells you fatherhood is the greatest thing that can happen to you, they are understating it” – Mike Myers

Talking MSP Prospects Down The "Conversation Path"

Perfecting Client conversations is a tremendous asset.
Client conversations set the tone of your business relationships, establish your brand, increase retention and satisfaction and guide prospects toward your company. All of this is achieved through an honest and crafted conversation. The “conversation path” is a way for marketers to collect information, respond to their observations, and to make the connection. Whatever stage of the 7 Step Sales Process for IT Solutions and Managed Services you are in – from prospecting to getting the referrals – talking new prospects down the conversation path ensures control, context, and in many cases, a sale.

4 Landmarks on the Conversation Path
To establish a good rapport with prospects, the conversation path must include these 4 landmarks for a successful sale.

1. Self-reflection
Before you get started down any path, you must ask yourself this one question: “So what, who cares?” It sounds abrupt, but it is honest. You must ask yourself what it is you hope to achieve out of the relationships with your prospects whom you hope will turn into customers and clients. Why should they care about your services? It is important for you to remember that the “who cares” part of this isn’t about why YOU need the sale, but why the prospect needs you and your services. What do you hope for the prospect to gain at this stage of the sales cycle so you can guide them closer to the sale and providing you with referrals?

2. Creating the Content
At this landmark, you need to create the content that is exactly what your prospects are looking for. Here’s the catch: you will be creating a great deal of this online. Many face-to-face technology sales meetings have been taken out of the four walls of a building and put online. Regardless of where the conversation takes place, the need never changes. You just need to find a better way of putting your brand in front of prospects. The way you do that is with content. The content of your conversation must…

Join Me For My Next “MSP Mastered®” Webinar:
"Take Your Security Assessments to The Cloud!"
Thurs, June 25th @ 11am PT / 1pm CT / 2pm ET

It’s a fact that more and more of your clients’ critical data is moving to the Cloud – but how are you securing it from threat of Cyberattack?
While you’re probably doing a good job of assessing your client’s on-premise infrastructure, data, devices and in-house platforms from a security standpoint, how well are you doing with their Microsoft-based Cloud platforms?
Join me and Mark Winter on Thursday, June 25th as he introduces RapidFire Tools’ new Microsoft Cloud Assessment Module!
I’ve got so say, I’m really impressed with the capabilities of this new offering – especially if you want to easily assess the following Microsoft platforms from a Cybersecurity perspective:
  • Azure AD
  • SharePoint
  • OneDrive
  • Outlook Mail Activity
  • Teams Assessment
  • MS Cloud Security Assessment
As you know, Microsoft’s Cloud platforms are among the toughest to easily assess for your business clients and in my opinion, the “final frontier” or “holy grail” of Cybersecurity threat management.
Join me and Mark Winter from RapidFire Tools as we have a “real” live conversation with you and all of the attendees to this valuable Webinar and share how to assess your clients’ Microsoft Cloud Cybersecurity posture and dramatically increase your “no-touch” recurring revenues! 

The Best MSP Sales Lesson From The Wolf of Wall Street

There is a great MSP Sales lesson to be learned from the movie The Wolf of Wall Street.
This is the movie that won Leonardo Di Caprio the Oscar, and it purports to tell the true story of Jordan Belfort – and the way he scammed and defrauded his way to making millions from his unsuspecting victims by selling them worthless stock investments.
Of course, nobody would condone these illegal and fraudulent practices, and what I want to focus on is how Jordan Belfort researched his targets and leveraged the phone to make his pitches and train lots of his “traders” to do the same – a lot like Ben Affleck’s character does in the movie Boiler Room.
The takeaway for me from a sales perspective is that a good sales professional cannot be afraid of the phone – in fact research indicates that 40% of salespeople say that prospecting is the hardest part of their jobs, but a whopping 80% of sales require at least 5 follow-ups. This means that the most successful sales professionals execute consistent follow-up and have thick enough skins to take all the “no’s” it takes to get to a “yes”.
Maybe I’m geeking out on this a bit… But when you’re as immersed as I am into building high-performing sales teams you just start seeing these little lessons everywhere… even in popular shows.
I cover the most effective MSP consultative sales techniques and training a lot more in my 12 Course MSP Mastered® Masterclass for Business Transformation.

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Perfect Your Q3 Growth Strategy During An Online Strategic Business Transformation Meeting With Me​

Strengthen your Q3 Recovery and Growth Strategy!
Now is the perfect opportunity to strategize and realign your approach to the Next Normal – and build an accelerated Sales and Service Growth and Profitability Plan.
I’ll personally work with you and your team over a series of video conference, desktop sharing and whiteboarding sessions as we prepare you to overcome business and sales growth, service efficiency and profitability bottlenecks to finish strong in 2020 and prepare for 2021.
We’ll roll up our sleeves and work together in a candid, strategic manner where no stone of your business is left unturned and uncover the keys to breaking past your historical business obstacles

and shape your next marketing and sales offering, bundling and pricing strategy with the portfolio of services that recovering businesses are buying today.

Next, we’ll update your agreements and SLAs and fine-tune your help desk and project delivery process to increase efficiencies, eliminate scope creep and seep and keep more  of your hard-earned bottom-line profits

At the end of the day, I’ll leave you with a step-by-step plan to realize your next 2 quarters of accelerated business growth.

My clients tell me that they’ve never experienced such a positive, business changing engagement from any other resource EVER.


Erick Simpson

Founder & Chief Strategist
[email protected]
2271 W. Malvern Ave., #169 
Fullerton CA 92833

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His published works include "The Guide to a Successful Managed Services Practice"; the definitive book on Managed Services, “The Best I.T. Sales & Marketing BOOK EVER!”, “The Best I.T. Service Delivery BOOK EVER!” and “The Best NOC and Service Desk Operations BOOK EVER!”, along with 50 Best Practice Guides.

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