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Coming Nov. 11th: The Cheeky Sales Coach!

 Over on my brand new Relax Focus Succeed YouTube Channel (subscribe now), I am starting a new 

50-Week Video Series

called The Cheeky Sales Coach.

This will be totally free. My goal is to build up the new channel while providing useful information.

One of my long-standing pet peeves is that people confuse marketing and sales. So I'm going to hit that theme pretty hard. Many companies do a lot of half-baked marketing and wonder why they don't make sales. Some even do great marketing and wonder why they don't make sales.

As regular readers here know, I do all kinds of marketing, using a variety of media. But marketing is not sales. In order to keep my lights on, I need to do sales. I'll be honest: I don't like sales. But I like paying my rent, so I have to do sales.

Since about 1992, I have owned a few businesses and managed a few I didn't own. And somehow, in all of that, I have sold many millions of dollars worth of products and services. But I don't think I've every used obnoxious, sleazy sales techniques.

There's a great book that I read through about once every five years called How to Make a Buck and Still Be a Decent Human Being by Richard C. Rose and Echo Montgomery Garrett. Not sure it's still in print, but read it if you can find it!

Rose is a car salesman, of all people! And he has many lessons for how to reach your sales objectives without lying, cheating, and appealing to the dark side of humanity.

Anyway . . . Here's what I'm up to . . .

The Main Thing: A 50-Week video series on sales. It will be both informative and fun. Free, of course. Subscribe on YouTube.

The Other Thing: For those who prefer podcasts to videos, we're turning the video series into a podcast series. I've created a started podcast so I can start promoting on the podcatchers. Check it out at

The Web Site: We're creating a new web site that will do three things for this project.

1) We're creating an Index to the Videos, so you can gain quick access once we have more than a couple of videos posted.

2) The web site is the home of the podcast just mentioned.

3) If you have questions, you can post them in a form on the Cheeky Sales Coach web site. I might answer them in a blog, by email, or in a video. But eventually, I'll answer your question somewhere.

4) For those who want to jump in with a premium option, we have a members-only page as well. I'm building some workbooks and special materials there. But don't worry: I promise you'll find great value in the free video series. That's what it's all about, right?

Note: This not an IT-centric series. There's a serious focus on online sales and modern sales techniques. But the emphasis is not on how to sell BDRs or managed services.

Another Note: Members of the Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community can access the premium content at no additional charge. Check out the discount code inside the community (soon).

Call to Action: 

Subscribe to the new YouTube channel today so you won't miss a thing!


About the Author

Karl W. Palachuk, is a technology consultant, author, speaker, trainer, and coach. He is the author of fifteen books. He has built several successful businesses, including two managed services companies. His books include Managed Services in a Month and The Network Documentation Workbook. Karl is a frequent trainer and speaker in the SMB Community. His popular blog can be found at He has more than twenty years experience as an I.T. professional and serves on advisory panels for several hardware and software companies.

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