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ChannelCon Community Day, Where Everyone Has a Voice…

A recent Pew Research poll found that most Americans hold a cynical view about their government’s ability to manage the nation, with only 19% saying they “trust the government always/most of the time,” and 74% agreeing that “most elected officials put own interests ahead of country’s.” With numbers like this, it is safe to say most people feel disenfranchised by their government. As we are well into an election year, this finding is not surprising given the lack of meaningful public discourse. 

Regardless of political affiliation, most will likely agree that this year’s presidential election has been characterized by one-way dialog and deeply partisan narratives, leaving many voters feeling voiceless. While the stakes are not quite as high, debates within the CompTIA communities are a stark contrast. Our meetings provide a forum where the industry can come together and freely discuss the issues at hand. As a vendor-neutral trade association, we provide a platform where every voice carries equal weight in defining and shaping the conversation. That is just one of the many reasons you should join us on August 1st in Hollywood, Florida for a full day of meetings.

Here is how you can add your voice:

Seven communities are meeting at ChannelCon16. Each is organized around a particular business models technical vertical or industry cause. Regardless of your background, there is bound to be a community meeting relevant and tailor-made to your specific business. Check out the agenda for each community meeting and review the “who should attend” description to find the right fit. Or join us for the Community Day breakfast or lunch to determine which sessions you would be most interested in. Each meeting features a workshop and open dialog where industry initiatives are shaped and advanced. There will be ample opportunity to network with peers and discuss issues that are important to you. Whether you come armed with your own “burning issue” to solve or just want to contribute your experience towards the good of the industry, there is definitely a place for you in the community meetings.

Shaping and providing a great customer experience is a big theme in this year’s meetings. For Managed Services providers, doing a good job often means that IT just works; which can sometimes limit the opportunities for relationship building interactions. The CompTIA Managed Services Community will be exploring ways to create raving fans of your offering through great customer service.  Additionally, the IT Services and Support Community recognizes that customer satisfaction is table stakes in this uber-customer-centric world. So how can you up your game to creating delight in the minds of your customer? Attend their meeting to find out.

Our Advancing Women in IT and Future Leaders communities are exploring themes in their meetings that will foster individual career growth and develop strong corporate cultures. Men should be just as interested in the Advancing Women in IT session. Everyone is encouraged to attend (and to join) to hear from several leading channel chiefs as they weigh in on how to create a culture of confidence that can contribute directly to your organization’s bottom line. They will also discuss the benefits of empowering individuals and teams to perform at their peak. Not to be outdone, the Future Leaders Community will explore how individuality and self-awareness are keys to personal growth and healthy team dynamics. Come away with some valuable guidance on how personality influences relationships with those you work with, and how mentoring and providing ongoing feedback can be a source of great personal development  ̶ that also empowers your career.

Other great community activities to check out include:

  • Managed Print Services: Learn how Big Data can drive a better MPS business and provide more value for your customers.
  • Cloud Community: Is your cloud business good enough? Connect the dots between the latest CompTIA research and best-in-class offerings to understand whether your portfolio is making the grade.
  • IT Security: How to up your security game. Whether you’re just starting out, or would like to take your IT protection methods to the next level, learn about what you need to build out this important element to your services offering.
  • Be inspired as you hear about the great work the charities we support are doing at our Community Day luncheon, and how our collective community/council contributions are helping make a big difference.
  • Recognize and celebrate excellence as we award our 2016 ChannelChangers awards to outstanding young IT industry professionals during our Future Leaders Community meeting.

Last but not least, be sure to join in the fun when we reprise last year’s exciting Game Night Party and reception. Hosted by the Future Leaders Community, a great time will be had by all as we come together for some “giant-sized” fun.

Be sure not to miss Community Day at ChannelCon 2016. It is a unique channel opportunity where, no matter who you are, everyone has a voice. Make sure yours is heard!

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