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2019 – The year of training and retention

During a conversation with one of our partners, the owner addressed their concern with employee retention. Effectively he lamented: “What is a business owner to do; keep training your staff and risk losing them to competition, or don’t train your staff and risk having to fire them?”

Or worse yet, have a valued client customer fire you because your staff is not technically current, or proactively able to help them navigate the ever changing tech landscape.

There never seems to be an easy answer, does there?

We think Richard Branson, world renowned entrepreneur and business savant said it best: “Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.”

More than any other profession, IT requires constant training and reskilling throughout one’s career. The rate of change is so rapid, and the breadth of skills so broad, consistent training is not just desired; it is an absolute necessity.

On average, employee retention training programs are a better investment than recruiting and replacing your workforce. Yes you heard that right from this recruiting firm; proper training will help reduce your recruiting costs and improve employee loyalty. There is a place in your business strategy for recruiting, as no firm is immune from the need to recruit new staff……a good litmus test however is the reason behind the need to engage the services of a specialized recruiting firm.

Are you using a recruiting firm because the demand for your services and / or expertise outstrips your current staff’s ability to deliver? Or, are you having to recruit new staff because your employees feel your company is not investing in their professional growth and the grass is greener in another pasture?

VAR Staffing welcomes the opportunity to discuss both your retention challenges as well as your recruiting needs. We wish you the best of continued success in 2019 and beyond!


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