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You Mean "All About Me" Isn't a Good Thing?

No doubt you are proud of your company and want everyone to know. “We have the greatest (fill in the blank with products/services/employees/customers/responsiveness/etc.)!” Unfortunately, customers rarely take interest in you until you can answer their question “What's in it for me?”(Marketers know this by the acronym WIIFM.) Until then, you are just another fish in the pond.

2 Tips to Avoid a Lawsuit When Blogging

No doubt, blogs have changed the way we consume information on the Internet. The web is now saturated with good blogs, bad blogs, and even blogs that have the potential for a lawsuit. I write this note as a reminder that what you post online is visible to ALL. FOREVER. If your blog angers someone or discredits a product unrightfully, you could be in for one of two lawsuits:

  • Sued for money- Penalties can be up to 3x's defined losses or damages.


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