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March 18th, 2020 | Karl Palachuk | Small Biz Thoughts
Now's the Time for Client Roadmap Meetings!I went "live" today on Facebook, talking How to Help Your Clients Thrive During the Economic Downturn.That's here: is the Time: Help Your Clients Make Good Decisions!I have a few resources to make your life easier. - Read More
March 17th, 2020 | Karl Palachuk | Small Biz Thoughts
Core Standard Operating Procedures for Small IT Providers – W501Taught By: Karl W. Palachuk- Five Tuesdays- March 24 - April 21- Register Now!- All classes start a 9:00 AM Pacific- All classes are recordedYou're guaranteed to learn something that will make or save you the price of admission! - Read More
March 16th, 2020 | Karl Palachuk | Small Biz Thoughts
Update March 16th: This event has gone virtual. Same link.----- -----Robin Robins has announced that she is holding her "Big Show" as scheduled:The theme for this year is The IT Sales and Marketing Fight Club.Special guest this year: George Foreman!Nashville, TNApril 8-11, 2020Details at https - Read More
March 12th, 2020 | Karl Palachuk | Small Biz Thoughts
Not Cancelled!I received this missive from my friend and mentor Josh Peterson:- - - - -McKinley Training Institute's Dispatch & Service Management Leadership Certification CoursesApril 29 - May 1 in ChicagoMore Info: - Read More
March 11th, 2020 | Karl Palachuk | Small Biz Thoughts
I "went live" today on Facebook, YouTube, etc.Here's the recording:Notes:We are in a very odd time. The stock market is "correcting." We don't know how long that will last or how bad it will be. We know it will end, but there's no way to know if it will end this week, this, month, or next year. - Read More
March 11th, 2020 | Karl Palachuk | Small Biz Thoughts
One of the biggest community events, professional events, and information events of the year is CompTIA's CCF - Communities and Councils Forum.This year it has gone virtual. And YOU are welcome to join us.CompTIA Communities & Councils Forum17 March, 202011 AM-3 PM Central9 AM - 1 PM - Read More
March 10th, 2020 | Karl Palachuk | Small Biz Thoughts
Got a note from my friends over at AVANT Analytics, a new market research initiative from AVANT.They just released their second 6-12 Report, which analyzes the state of cyber security preparedness in a  variety of industries. AVANT Analytics uses these reports to provide business tech leaders - Read More
March 9th, 2020 | Karl Palachuk | Small Biz Thoughts
My friend and fellow coach James Kernan is hosting a big Mastermind Event - March 26-27 2020.From James' flyer:Food, beverage and entertainment will be provided, along with valuable educational content that will help you GROW your business.   A handful of select strategic partners will - Read More
March 5th, 2020 | Karl Palachuk | Small Biz Thoughts
A note for entrepreneurs.At some point you’re going to need help. That might mean outsourced contracts and services. Or it might eventually mean hiring employees.Here are a few things to consider about employees.It is best to start with a part-timer, for several reasons. Fulltime employees - Read More
February 26th, 2020 | Karl Palachuk | Small Biz Thoughts
A note for new entrepreneurs.Starting a business, or a new adventure? Be honest as you assess yourself and your commitment.Human beings have an optimism bias. If we didn’t, we’d never have children. But most of us are predisposed to believe that good things will happen to us and bad - Read More