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Jay Ferron

I am a self proclaimed geek who has authored, may technical training courses. As a speaker Jay has presented at many events including, user groups, Computer trade shows, DOD and federal conferences, ISPCON, TechEd, and WPC. Jay is on the global board member of GITCA. Past President of ISACA-CT, Past president APCUG and is a Microsoft MVP Enterprise Security. Jay has been a MVP in in Windows, HPC, and Azure.

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November 27th, 2018 | Jay Ferron | My information Resource
National Cyber Awareness System: TA18-331A: 3ve – Major Online Ad Fraud Operation11/27/2018 12:09 PM EST Original release date: November 27, 2018Systems AffectedMicrosoft WindowsOverviewThis joint Technical Alert (TA) is the result of analytic efforts between the Department of - Read More
November 12th, 2018 | Jay Ferron | My information Resource
They are many different approaches to helping a company look at protection of assets and data for a repeatable process.There is Cobitby ISACA, COBIT stands for Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology. It is a framework created by the ISACA (Information Systems Audit and Control - Read More
November 9th, 2018 | Jay Ferron | My information Resource
Keyboard shortcuts are keys or combinations of keys that provide an alternative way to do something that you’d typically do with a mouse.Copy, paste, and other general keyboard shortcuts Press this key To do this Ctrl + X Cut the selected item Ctrl + C (or Ctrl + Insert) Copy the - Read More
October 26th, 2018 | Jay Ferron | My information Resource
Relative Identifier (RID) Hijacking has recently gained public attention as a simple, novel, and effective technique to maintain persistence on a Windows system after initial compromise. As information security awareness continues to rise in many organizations their overall security posture also - Read More
October 26th, 2018 | Jay Ferron | My information Resource
A zero-day exploit in the jQuery file upload tool may have had an open secret for years. A security researcher at Akamai Security Intelligence Response Team (SIRT) by the name of Larry Cashdollar found the exploit designated CVE-20189206. The vulnerability affects the plugin authored by Sabastian - Read More
October 20th, 2018 | Jay Ferron | My information Resource
Here is a Blog from Microsoft about changes to Windows 10 1809.Features we removed in this releaseWe're removing the following features and functionalities from the installed product image in Windows 10, version 1809. Applications or code that depend on these features won't function in this - Read More
October 20th, 2018 | Jay Ferron | My information Resource
NIST invites comments on Draft Special Publication (SP) 800-179 Revision 1, Guide to Securing macOS 10.12 Systems for IT Professionals: A NIST Security Configuration Checklist. This publication assists IT professionals in securing macOS 10.12 desktop and laptop systems within various environments - Read More
October 20th, 2018 | Jay Ferron | My information Resource
For the past four years, thousands of servers may have been subject to an  extremely simple authentication bypass vulnerability. CVE-2018-10933 affects libssh versions since 0.6.0, an implementation library for Secure Shell (SSH) that was released in 2014. It is limited only to certain - Read More
October 20th, 2018 | Jay Ferron | My information Resource
Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) are being recognized as one of the biggest cyber threats in the industry today. There are many groups globally behind the numerous attacks of this type in recent history. Three major cyber incidents that garnered global attention were the BlackEnergy power grid - Read More
October 18th, 2018 | Jay Ferron | My information Resource
The 10C update for Windows Server 2016 has just been published, it includes critical updates for Storage Spaces Direct deployments and we recommend all customers aggressively adopt.  This update addresses all top known supportability issues. October 18, 2018—KB4462928 (OS Build - Read More