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Climb aboard the ChannelPro tour bus to view the latest in the technological circle of life. By Matt Whitlock

Look closely now, and off in the distance you’ll see an Omen. Not the oracle type of omen, but the breed of gaming notebook (computum mobilius notebookius extremis) from HP with high-resolution displays and an insatiable hunger for 3-D graphics applications. Let’s approach carefully. If startled, HP Omen notebooks are so fast they can disappear in the blink of an eye.

Wait! Something is unusual about this Omen. It has not one, but two, integrated displays! This must be a mutation or a new evolutionary trait. Unlike others of its kind, this Omen has a 6-inch touchscreen mounted above its keyboard. We can only surmise what advantages this may give it out here in the wild, but if it mirrors portions of its main screen or allows interaction with other applications while it devours games with its NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 graphics core, that would truly help it survive against other gaming notebooks.

It’s hard to get an accurate read from this distance, but the X-ray scan of its internals shows a thermal cooling system different than other Omen notebooks, which may help it stay chilled during intense conditions. We can’t stay any longer, but we’ll send out a research team to study this new specimen, which we’ll dub “Omen X 2S.”

Mice and AR

For this next part of the tour, we’re going to trudge through a remote area where a miraculous revival is taking place. Over the years many species have seemed on the brink of extinction, only to … WATCH OUT! You almost stepped on a poor IntelliMouse (periphum intellimouseeum classicus).

The Microsoft IntelliMouse was declared extinct years ago, but in 2017 researchers discovered this remote area where it is beginning to thrive again—and evolve. We’ve also witnessed a new breed taking on advanced traits for gaming or professional applications, likely due to mixing with nearby species with similar traits. These mice have a higher-performance tracking sensor (16,000 dpi), improved button actuation and response, braided tail, and light that can change color to mimic nearby devices. Researchers call this the “Pro IntelliMouse” (periphum intellimouseeum provius) and predict it will potentially become the dominant model in its species.

Be careful not to step on any of these harmless mice while returning to the vehicle.

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