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Into the Wild Hardware Safari

Climb aboard the ChannelPro tour bus to view the latest in the technological circle of life. By Matt Whitlock

WELCOME TO CHANNELPRO TOURS’ Into the Wild Hardware Safari. On this adventure we will encounter some incredible hardware devices—the likes of which you may have never seen—as they roam free in the wilderness.

For your safety, please keep all hands, legs, and other extremities inside the tour vehicle at all times. Cameras and other recording equipment may be used, but no flash photography or bright lighting, as that may frighten the hardware. Unknown hardware could be dangerous; in the event of any attack, please remain calm and follow the instructions of your tour guide. And, of course, ChannelPro Tours is not responsible for the loss or damage of any possessions, body parts, or lives. A signed waiver is required.

Now let’s climb aboard and begin your tour!

Chips and Mobility

G’day thrill seekers! Out here the landscape is brimming with technological life, from large-scale servers to the tiniest IoT sensors.

Keep your eyes out for undiscovered species or classes of hardware, and hardware that is evolving with each new generation. Some species are currently undergoing rapid change. What you may have known as a ThinkPad (notebookius durableuss blackius) or an LCD monitor (category visius pixelattum) have taken on new traits to better survive in their environments. I’ll point out these amazing transformations and other things of interest along the way.

Look, over there in the brush! It’s a nest of Intel Mobile Core Processors (processum corealis minimus)!

Processors like these are symbiotes, which live inside other hardware and enhance the larger device with all kinds of abilities. Many species, like laptops (computum mobilius notebookius) and tablets (computum mobilius flatrius), in fact, are completely reliant on this natural relationship to function! Each time a new generation hatches, we normally see amazing evolution, with the latest generation eclipsing their predecessors in almost every way. By our observation, this will be the 10th generation of Intel’s Mobile Core Processor line, and we believe this new breed will be faster, smaller, more power-efficient, and could even feature built-in support for artifical intelligence instruction sets, integrated Intel Thunderbolt 3 technology, Intel Wi-Fi 6, and 4K HDR graphics.

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