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Webroot Helps IT Management Solutions Keep IT Simple and Safe

Webroot’s ease of use, price point, integration, and partner relationship all combine to help the managed services provider differentiate from competitors. [sponsored] By ChannelPro and Webroot

Simplicity is a theme that runs deep through IT Management Solutions. The driving purpose of the managed services provider is to simplify life for its SMB customers, and among the top criteria when selecting products is simplicity of deployment and use (effectiveness goes without saying). That's one of several reasons IT Management Solutions chose Webroot as a partner two years ago, according to Pedro Nuñez, president and CEO of the Salem, N.H.-based MSP.

"Our purpose here is to make life simpler for successful business owners," Nuñez says. "My clients come to us because IT’s complicated. They have pain points. They want somebody that can basically grab the bull by the horns and make their life simpler. That’s exactly what we do."

Not having to worry about cyberattacks is a key part of simplifying the day-to-day operations of IT Management Solutions' customers, about 50% of which are in the healthcare industry throughout New England and more recently across the country. With Webroot playing a critical role in the MSP’s layered security services, Nuñez can allay that worry.

IT Management Solutions is using two of Webroot's offerings: endpoint protection and DNS services. "I decided to use the best parts available from partners I researched. I looked at every single layer and said, 'This is where Webroot fits.'"

The ability to integrate with other platforms in his stack, like the Blackpoint managed detection and response (MDR) solution, is another key reason Nuñez went with Webroot. Cybersecurity, he says, is "like an onion, which is a multilayer approach." The fact that he can bundle Webroot with Blackpoint allows him to offer customers “a whole different level of service.”

It was also important that he could integrate Webroot with the BrightGauge real-time dashboard and reporting solution. "We needed a total system that would enable us to measure and gauge what was happening," he says. When Nuñez initially evaluated Webroot that integration was not available, an issue he raised with Webroot engineers. "I said, 'Listen, this is crucial, because if you get this integration done, then the MSPs will be able to measure what’s actually happening and provide better insight to the end customer as to what’s going on.' They went to town and got all that done within six months."

Cementing the Relationship

That type of responsiveness and the good communications Webroot has with partners were also big factors that helped to cement the relationship, Nuñez says.

“We had customers who were victims of ransomware attacks, and we were able to use Webroot and their support to identify forensically how they came in—what happened, what can we do to prevent them in the future. With that info, coupled with MDR services, we were able to demonstrate to the client how things should be. That helped us to increase sales, because sometimes people don’t lock their doors until they get robbed.”

Finally, Webroot’s price point has enabled IT Management Solutions to be more cost-competitive, which has translated into higher revenues.

When choosing products for a security stack, “you need to do your homework, not only from a strategy point of view, but from a monetary point of view,” says Nuñez, adding that he has tried all the competitive products.

“It has helped us increase revenue because I was able to modify my security offering from a pricing perspective,” he explains. Customers that previously found IT Management Solutions’ cybersecurity services cost-prohibitive “are signing up for cybersecurity. The savings that I got by working with Webroot translated into savings for my clients. That resulted in an increase on that particular side of the business.”

Simplicity, price point, the ability to integrate, and the partner relationship with Webroot all combine to differentiate IT Management Solutions. “Our competitors are not doing the same thing,” he says about the security stack. “When you couple Webroot with MDR services and then you also use the gateway security from Webroot, which is the DNS services, which is a lot more comprehensive than what we were using before, it all works together.”

Nuñez says it all goes back to simplicity. “That’s what I preach to my clients. Making life simpler for them, but also for me.”

Cybersecurity vendor Webroot offers next-generation protection for endpoints, networks, and end users.

For more information about Webroot’s partner program, click here.

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