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With a little technical know-how, AV integrators and MSPs can get in on a market that’s growing fast and paying rich margins. By Jennifer Oladipo

Use and Build Expertise

Video walls present opportunities for both AV integrators and IT-focused MSPs. “It takes a little more knowledge, and a little more complexity, which leads to higher margins,” says Scott.

An MSP’s infrastructure experience lays the groundwork for understanding how software and technology work together in today’s video walls. “On the IT side, half the battle is won,” says Scott.

Smart questions will help integrators and MSPs identify customers who could benefit from video walls. For example, Scott suggests asking whether a customer’s higher priority is showing content or making decisions. If decision-making prevails, video walls might be the solution.

Also, be ready for different conversations and contacts when adding video walls to existing digital signage offerings. “Not to take away from digital signage, but it’s a different audience,” says Scott. “You’re probably not talking to the marketing department.” Instead, you might be talking with educators or logistics managers.

Tom Scott, Hiperwall

Be aware that video wall installation requires a high level of technical expertise, says Cooke, and integrators used to LCD technology will need a solid understanding of LED.

“It’s very easy to make an LED wall look very bad if you get the angles wrong,” he notes. In addition, the smaller bezel joints in newer video walls look more attractive but also make them harder to install.

That said, digging deeper into the technology and its uses may reveal that video walls are a solution worth the extra investment—for customers and channel pros alike.

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