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Vendor to Watch: Marketopia

When there's no time in your schedule for marketing, there's Marketopia, a demand-generation and marketing service that does all the work for you. By Cecilia Galvin

Some MSPs complain that there’s not enough time in their schedules for marketing. Others make only a cursory effort to pursue opportunities outside of customer referrals. Enter Marketopia, an outsourced marketing partner for MSPs as well as VARs looking to transition to managed services. “That’s our market niche,” says Marketopia CEO Terry Hedden. “They’re managed service providers? We’re managed marketing. We integrate with their CRM, PSA, and RMM tools to do marketing under their logo, on their behalf, to make their phone ring.”

It’s easy to understand why the company has been enrolling one or two new customers a week. “We do email marketing and newsletter marketing, SEO, SCM [search content marketing], direct mail, and we give a seminar and a webinar each month for each customer,” says Hedden.

To ensure clients are prepared for growth, Marketopia offers a library of training materials and other services. “We help them with financials and a business model. We help them with their tools. We help them find salespeople who will be successful. We give them proposal templates, all their contracts. It’s a marketing and sales empowerment solution,” says Hedden, whose system is based on his 12 years’ experience building an award-winning, fast-growth managed services firm.

When asked how his company differs from other sales and marketing firms that cater to the channel, Hedden says, “That’s a very easy question. There are a lot of people who preach something but have never done it themselves. Their advice is theoretical, whereas I built a 50-person MSP with no capital, no nothing.”

But the bottom-line differentiator, say Hedden, is this: “We actually do [the work] for the MSP, and the difference is substantial. It’s a set-it-and-forget-it type model. It only requires two to three hours a month of the MSP’s time to help us help them. The rest is them handling the leads and closing the business.”

Marketopia’s services start at $999 a month. “It’s not hard to cover $1,000 a month when you’re an MSP; it’s one customer,” he says. “That’s one of the reasons it’s worked is that we can pay for ourselves quickly and then start producing a huge ROI on that investment.”



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