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Vendor to Watch: Infogressive Inc.

This managed security service provider lets MSPs offer comprehensive outsourced protection at SMB-friendly prices. By Rich Freeman

FOR YEARS FROM HIS PERCH in various corporate IT departments, Justin Kallhoff watched security vendors overcharge customers for shoddy services, and dreamed of creating a business of his own.

“I thought I could do it better,” he recalls. Kallhoff couldn’t quite work up the nerve to quit his job, though. And then fate intervened.

He got fired.

That was early in 2006, and by October he had launched Infogressive Inc. Today, the Lincoln, Neb.-based security specialist has more than 800 customers in 44 states and 20 countries, plus a managed security platform designed to help MSPs deliver enterprise-grade cybersecurity services without making big upfront investments in people, skills, and infrastructure.

“It lets them go to market instantly,” says Kallhoff, who is now Infogressive’s CEO.

It also provides affordable, fully outsourced answers to all of an SMB’s needs, from firewall management, malware protection, and email security to vulnerability assessment, log analysis, sandboxing, and phishing awareness training.

“It’s already integrated, so it works,” Kallhoff says. Infogressive can prove it too, he adds: In 11 years, no Infogressive customer has ever suffered a breach leading to data loss.

The company’s partner plan lets members pocket a 15 to 20 percent commission every month for the life of an end-user’s contract. MSPs can also white-label the platform if they choose, and tap into Infogressive’s professional services portfolio, which includes risk assessment, penetration testing, and incident response offerings. Better yet, while Infogressive does all the work, its partners do all the billing.

“We don’t get in the middle of any of that stuff,” Kallhoff says. “They control the customer relationship.”

It’s a formula that’s been catching on with MSPs, and Kallhoff has the employer that sent him packing 12 years ago to thank for the whole thing.

“Sometimes getting fired is a blessing,” he says.

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