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Vendor to Watch: Huntress Labs

The Huntress breach detection system enables MSPs to discover and remediate undetected hackers on their customers’ computers. By Colleen Frye

KYLE HANSLOVAN knows offense can be defense. He also knows SMBs typically can’t afford security analysts to provide that offense. So the CEO of Huntress Labs and his team leveraged their decade-plus of experience in the U.S. intelligence community to develop a breach detection and remediation system geared for MSPs.

Hackers can slip past firewalls and anti-virus solutions, establishing a foothold in a company’s network where they may lurk undetected, Hanslovan explains. The Huntress solution looks for those footholds and provides remediation steps. “Our whole goal was to put a product in your network,” Hanslovan says. “It works like an analyst around the clock.”

Hanslovan says Huntress, which comprises a lightweight agent and an analysis engine, is an affordable complement to existing solutions. MSPs deploy the system via their RMM and set up an integration into their PSA. If Huntress finds an incident, the PSA automatically receives step-by-step remediation instructions. “Even though we have really a sexy dashboard, if we've done our job right, your team or partners never have to look at our dashboard. It's a fully managed product,” Hanslovan says.

Kyle Hanslovan, CEO,Huntress Labs

The added value, he continues, is that an MSP doesn’t need to hire a security analyst at “a rockstar” salary. “They can hire motivated IT folks that have a bit of security background,” he says. “We're trying to commoditize security analysts.”

Hanslovan acknowledges that when he launched Huntress in 2015 he didn’t know what an MSP was. He tried to target SMBs directly, but the response was, "’Listen, bonehead, we outsource our IT to an MSP provider. Why don't you call them?’” he recalls with a laugh.

Fast forward to today, and Huntress has 320 MSP partners representing 6,000 SMBs. While Huntress does some direct sales, Hanslovan says the business model is “channel first.”

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