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This file sync and share vendor offers tools for building cross-platform workflow automation solutions. By Rich Freeman

DROPBOX? OneDrive? Popular, to be sure, but also dumb.

As in “dumb storage,” the term Justin Gilbert (pictured), sales director of, uses to describe file storage systems that do little more than store files., by contrast, comes with APIs and a recently added SDK designed to help businesses build intelligent workflow automation solutions that collect data from multiple locations and then feed it back out to third-party applications. The power company serving Las Vegas, for example, uses to consolidate readings from smart meters across the city, export it to a billing application, and then archive it for future reference.

“You can throw a couple hundred terabytes on us if you want to, but that’s not the real power of our platform,” Gilbert says. “The power of our platform is being able to integrate with so many other types of platforms.”

Both per-user and flat-rate subscriptions are available at prices that allow up to 35% margins, according to Gilbert, who adds that the system’s interface is simple enough for people who never go near SDKs to utilize. “I’m a sales guy and I can figure out most of it,” he says.

The partner program, which debuted several months ago, offers flexible options for MSPs, VARs, and agents. “If you want to be able to resell our services but have us support your customers, you can do that. If you want to be able to resell and support, you can do that,” Gilbert says, adding that the only difference is how much profit you make.

The company shares about 600 sales leads a month with partners, too, and maintains a customer success team to provide in-depth business and technical advice. Integrations with Azure Active Directory and other directory services are on the way. Sounds pretty smart, no?

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