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Vendor to Watch: Compulocks Brands

This maker of physical security gear for mobile devices protects your customers’ hardware while enriching your own bottom line. By Rich Freeman

CONSUMERS LOVE iPADS. Businesses love iPads, as components in point-of-sale and hotel registration solutions. In fact, everyone loves iPads.

Including thieves. And it’s not just iPads they’ve made a habit of stealing. From the MacBook Air to the Samsung Galaxy Tab to the Microsoft Surface and beyond, pretty much any mobile device that looks cool, costs a lot, and probably contains regulated data is all too likely to disappear on you these days if you don’t lock it down.

That’s where Compulocks Brands comes in. “We sell locks for devices that aren’t usually locked,” says Don Burns, the company’s director of North American sales and operations. Plus devices that are usually locked. In fact, the company’s wide selection of cable locks, enclosures, tamper-proof stands, and securable vehicle mounts includes options for pretty much any notebook or tablet in existence. And if Compulocks doesn’t have precisely what you need, its custom design service can probably build it for you.

That makes Compulocks offerings a natural—and necessary—addition not just to every mobile hardware order you take, but to every retail kiosk, hospital self-sign-in, or other solution you deliver that includes a tablet or laptop. Businesses, according to Burns, rarely object to the extra expense.

“Most people with a product in public spaces understand the need,” he says. Indeed, not making physical security part of your standard hardware sales offering arguably does a disservice both to your customers’ best interests and to your own bottom line.

“Sometimes I hear add-on and think it doesn’t add value,” Burns observes. “The nice thing here is this both helps the customer and adds margin.”

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