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Top 5 Reasons You Want an SSD over a Hard Drive

Whether buying or building a PC, many will question the need for a solid state disk (SSD) in addition to (or in lieu of) a regular hard drive.

Does it make a difference? Is it really that much faster? Is it worth the difference in price? Can I get by with less space?

Ask anyone who uses a PC with a SSD installed, and you'll get the same answer: A quality, performance SSD is worth every penny.

I can tell you SSDs are faster and better, but to really explain why you want an SSD in your PC right now, here are the top -five specific reasons you want an SSD instead of a hard drive, using Intel's excellently rated 520 Series SSD as our reference example.

5. Better Durability

Thinking back to my very first portable computer (with a spacious 640MB hard drive on board), I remember the warning sticker right below the keyboard; not the exact words, but it was something to the effect of, "Just about anything will cause irreparable damage to the hard disk in this portable computer. Don't push down on the keyboard, drop it, hit it, throw it, or sneeze in its general direction while in operation. Really, we warned you."

Naturally, I ended up dropping it a little too hard on a table at one point and...

Today, mechanical hard drives are far more durable than their mid-90s counterparts thanks to dozens of technologies designed to protect the hard drive in the event of a fall or shock. Still, the only guarantee a hard drive can make is that it will fail, like nearly any device crammed full of moving parts. It's simply a matter of when.

SSDs on the other hand, have no moving parts, making them incredibly durable with rough use. Expect it to take a beating and keep coming back.

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