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Thermaltake Dr. Power II Review

Dr. Power II Introduction By Shane N.

If you build computers as a hobby or for a living, you will eventually run into defective products. It happens to everyone and there are few ways to find out if the product is defective before installing it into your system and turning it on. Probably one of the worst parts to be defective is the power supply because your computer won’t turn on for starters and it could fry your CPU, motherboard, or other parts if it gives the wrong voltages. You can use to old paperclip to check if the power supply is dead but this method can also damage the power supply as well.

Well our friends over at Thermaltake have a product that can help us with this debacle. The Thermaltake Dr. Power II is a fully universal ATX power supply tester that will help you examine your power supply before you put it into your system. With this product you can check your power supply before it goes into your system and be sure that it’s safe to use.

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