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Sophisticated yet Simplified: Better Backup and Recovery with SolarWinds MSP

Sponsored Content: SolarWinds MSP offers a suite of tools that MSPs need in their toolkit in order to standardize and scale up efficiently—critical aspects of profitable service delivery. By ChannelPro

Backup and data recovery capabilities are essential for any MSP to offer clients. Yet the day-to-day tasks related to monitoring and management are time-consuming, and often requiring dedicated personnel to ensure that backups are carried out successfully.  SolarWinds MSP offers a suite of tools that MSPs need in their toolkit in order to standardize and scale up efficiently—critical aspects of profitable service delivery. Among SolarWinds MSP's offerings is MSP Backup & Recovery with an array of features that allow MSPs to offer full protection to clients while at the same time simplifying backup and recovery processes. After all, the last thing you want is for your customer’s data to go missing.

MSP Backup & Recovery provides a single platform to satisfy a range of backup needs including files, folders and complete system images.  Unlike image- or tape-based solutions, MSP Backup & Recovery "is optimized for fast, remote backup and recovery within the most challenging environments, and without the need to purchase any hardware," says Chris Groot, vice president of product management, backup for SolarWinds MSP. Among the challenging environments, MSP Backup & Recovery is designed to handle: file servers with 10-12 million files; Hyper-V servers with 3-5 TB of data; Exchange servers with 2 TB of data; and 7,000 workstations across a fleet of remote workers.

For MSPs, backing up and restoring data in challenging environments is certainly a valued service, yet it can be a complex one as well. SolarWinds MSP aims to provide sophisticated backup and recovery in a manner that is simplified for MSPs and their clients alike.  The multitenant architecture enables an MSP to view individual clients or groups of clients—ideal for monitoring and managing remote offices across disparate locations worldwide.  MSP Backup & Recovery features a single console that provides only the information IT administrators need to see on one dashboard. This exception-based management and reporting allows MSPs to monitor and manage backups with ultimate efficiency—one MSP that transitioned to SolarWinds MSP Backup & Recovery was able to eliminate one full-time equivalent from the daily task of backup monitoring, Groot says. This resource was repurposed to devote time to revenue-generating activities—a value to the MSP that more than makes up for the investment in the SolarWinds software.

In addition to a single pane of glass for management, MSP Backup & Recovery software includes numerous features that can help MSPs provide predictable and fast backup and recovery services including:

  • Continuous recovery
  • Data archiving
  • File versioning
  • Bare metal recovery
  • Virtual disaster recovery
  • Virtual machine backups

All of SolarWinds' MSP Backup & Recovery capabilities enable MSPs to streamline their backup monitoring and management services, yet do not compromise the full protection MSPs can offer to clients. With SolarWinds MSP Backup & Recovery, MSPs can provide faster backups and restores efficiently—a key to profitable service delivery, which makes MSP Backup & Recovery an ideal platform for MSPs to offer backup-as-a-service and disaster-recovery-as-a-service.

To find out how to keep your customers data from going amiss, try MSP Backup & Recovery at no cost for 30 days.


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