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SolarWinds Take Control Offers Affordable, Efficient Remote Access

This partner profile explains how Take Control is helping ThinkEzIT Computer Solutions support more customers via fast, intuitive remote access. [Sponsored Content] By SolarWinds MSP

Efficiency is important to IT solution providers, particularly for remote access. Barry Arendt, owner of ThinkEzIT Computer Solutions, in Chambersburg, Pa., services 200 customers across the country, so he needs an efficient and affordable remote control access tool. That's why he turned to SolarWinds Take Control.

Already a SolarWinds MSP customer, Arendt jumped at the chance to try the new product when it rolled out at the end of last year.

"I wanted to try it because with the current product I was using, I didn't like the fact that I had to buy a license for every remote session," he explains. "It was just too expensive for what I'm doing."

Founded 10 years ago, ThinkEzIT offers managed IT, network solutions, workspace as a service, security cameras, business email, VoIP, and consulting. His typical customer has 10 to 20 users. Arendt says his firm does a lot of remote phone system deployments. Security, no surprise, is a top concern.

"I like the security aspect of Take Control because it uses two-factor authentication when you log in," he says. "You can also record your sessions."

SolarWinds MSP built Take Control with security in mind, using sophisticated encryption and following industry-standard security requirements. Take Control was also designed to provide fast connection speeds and robust diagnostic tools to help support more users and devices in less time.

Arendt appreciates the efficiency. "What I love about this tool is I could be working on four or five deployments at a time with one tech license and get what I need done."

With Take Control, Arendt works with a few monitors "so I could utilize my real estate on my screens to be able to do multiple sessions at a time and get these work orders knocked off really fast, versus switching from one screen to another."

He also likes the ability to do unattended installs. "Let's say you have a client that’s buying block hours from you. Or it's a machine that you just need to constantly keep an eye on, but you don't want to put it in RMM. The thing about Take Control that I like is not only can you set up an unattended install, but you can also create a second password on top of the customer’s password. It gives you three levels of security, which is really, really cool."

ThinkEzIT also works with other MSPs on deployments, and Arendt says Take Control is a handy tool for that as well. "They'll contact me and I'll just send them to the website and we'll generate a session. I can see their screen and we can converse about the issue and work on a resolution."

In addition, Arendt likes the ability to brand the product, plus how easy it is to use. "It was very, very easy to get up and going. The support has been great. I chose SolarWinds because their staff really is dedicated and truly cares about MSPs and trying to help them get better tools to help their clients."

And the efficiency, of course, makes his clients happy, which makes Arendt happy. "I don't like having clients down longer than they need to be. Time is money."

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